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SEO-Tips & Tricks 2021 | Complete Guide | 100% Useful

SEO-Tips & Tricks 2021 | Complete Guide | 100% Useful

SEO-Tips & Tricks 2021

Hi i am Shovon . Today I am going to discuss with you about the best strategy of how you can optimize a website or a page . This is complete part of learn SEO-tips & tricks 2021 . So don’t hurry up . Read the whole content to learn how you can rank your website so fast in #1 In google and any other search engine . So let’s start today discussion . If want to know more about how to design a website homepage as a SEO friendly then simply Click Here. It is my another content . So don’t worry .

What Is SEO ?

SEO means search engine optimization . That means you have to optimize search engine for make a rank of your website or any page . If you optimize the engine then your pages or post could appear in the search result that people search related . So SEO-Tips & Tricks 2021 is the best guide for you .

If people search bag and if you have a unique content over a bag then optimize engine displayed your content first in search result page . Because search engine seems that your content could be best than any other content . For this reason there are many cause behind stay . Now we are discuss about that topic .

How Does SEO Works ?

SEO works over some issues. Like that SEO is free way to rank your website or page .

Search engine such as Google and Bing utilize bots to slither pages on the internet, going from location to location, collecting data around those pages and putting them in an index. Next, calculations analyze pages within the file, taking under consideration hundreds of positioning components or signals, to decide the arrange pages ought to show up within the look comes about for a given query.

Search positioning components can be considered intermediaries for angles of the client involvement. Our Occasional Table of SEO Components organizes the variables into six fundamental categories and weights each based on its in general significance to SEO.

For case, substance quality and watchword inquire about are key components of substance optimization, and crawlability and mobile-friendliness are imperative location engineering factors. The look calculations are outlined to surface pertinent, definitive pages and give clients with an productive search experience.

Optimizing your location and substance with these components in intellect can offer assistance your pages rank higher within the look result.

How To Start SEO ?

Behind the subject there are eight steps that we have to do . I make a list of that :

  • Create a List of Keywords
  • Analyze Google’s First Page
  • Create Something Different or Better
  • What Is a Hook and Why Do You Need It ?
  • Optimize For On-Page SEO
  • Make Your Content Look Awesome
  • Build Links to Your Page
  • Improve and Update Your Content

Now I am explaining this topic of SEO-Tips & Tricks 2021 .

Step -01 : Create a List of Keywords :

Six Steps to Create and Prioritize a Keyword List

  1. Audience. In this tab, write down what you know about your buyers, what’s important to them . When, and important dates to track.
  2. Categories of keywords.
  3.  Keyword list.
  4. Check volume.
  5. Relevance score.
  6. Prioritize.

Step -02 : Analyze Google’s First Page :

Simply thing you have to rang a post on google 1st page then first off all you have analyze google 1st page with your keywords . Such as make money online ,search it on google and see 1st 10 results of 1st page which are appear on google . See this image of Search Engine Optimization:

SEO-Tips & Tricks 2021

See that picture . Make money online is keyword and the 1st 4 results are marked with red area. Traffic per month and traffic over per key word are shown there.

This website have a strong traffic and there have many strong keyword in their content. It makes their domain authority very strong and increase ranking on google. So read the whole content about SEO-Tips & Tricks 2021.

Step -03 : Create Something Different or Better :

If you want to rank your post on google search result then you have to make a unique content over any kind of sector . Such as if your write something about mango then you have to see at first 10 top content which are appear on google search result then you have to write something new and fresh .

Create things different from others is helpful for you to get lots of share from your website. On the other hand, lots of comments will be posted on your site also.

It is suggested that you need to extend your content in order to attract more people to share your website/add your website URL in their site.

Taking Search Engine Optimization tools as an example. Generally the content of the websites regarding this topic only shows 15-20 tools for improving SEO.

However, if we are able to share more contents in the website, like sharing nearly 200 SEO tools in the site. It is helpful to attract more people to talk and share this site, thus gaining more backlinks.

Step -04 : What Is a Hook and Why Do You Need It ?

To grab your reader’s attention from the start, you need a good hook. A hook is also known as an opening statement of a piece of copy—the first few moments where your reader decides if they’re committed to the read.

A hook does a few amazing things for your copy:

  • It creates anticipation. A good hook motivates your reader to find out what comes next.
  • It provides space for personality. Want to show off your funny side? A hook can do that. It’s the perfect place to show off your unique personality from the start.
  • It helps set the tone. Whether the copy to follow is serious or lighthearted, a hook helps to set the tone, preparing the reader for what comes next.
  • It explains the purpose. A hook tells the purpose of your copy, helping the reader decide if they’ve found what they’re looking for almost immediately.
SEO-Tips & Tricks 2021
SEO-Tips & Tricks 2021

4 Unique Hook Ideas for Your Website Content :

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to writing hooks for your content. There’s only one true goal: make an impact on your reader in the first few moments.

1. Make a Bold Statement

There’s something about making a big claim that begs for attention. There’s a need for you to explain yourself to your reader, pushing them to continue. This can be used on your website pages to reveal one of the problems you solve for your customers. It can also be used in your blog posts to state a fact your audience might find intriguing. One thing is for certain, your reader will crave to know the “why” or “how” behind your claim.

2. Showcase Your Witty Side

Just like we opened our blog post with a (cheesy) joke, being witty is nothing to shy away from. Your personality is unique and sets you apart from your competition. It is amazing for Search Engine Optimization and it works. Starting a blog post with a joke that makes your reader giggle or laugh out loud is a great attention grabber. Plus, everyone can always benefit from a laugh.

3. Use a Fresh Spin

Some information is difficult to understand, especially for more technical topics. Try putting a fresh spin on your topic by using a metaphor or analogy for your audience to better understand. Showing an idea in a fresh way captivates your reader into wanting to know even more. It is best to make SEO-Tips & Tricks 2021 .

4. Tell a Story

Visitors to your website or blog want to relate to you before they buy. In fact, more than 73% of consumers think transparency is more important than the price of your service. In your website or blog, telling a personal and true story not only grabs attention, but it builds trust in your brand.

Step -05 : Optimize For On-Page SEO :

Effective on page optimization requires a combination of several factors. Two key things to have in place if you intend to improve your performance in a structured way are analysis and regular monitoring. There is little benefit in optimizing the structure or content of a website if the process isn’t geared towards achieving goals and isn’t built on a detailed assessment of the underlying issues.

In extreme cases, optimization measures that aren’t based on a solid, evidence-based plan can have the opposite effect to that desired – potentially harming the stability of keyword rankings or creating a drop in conversion rates

Kinds Of Elements :

1.Technical optimization
A) Server speed:

As website load times are considered by search engines as part of their evaluation for ranking purposes, speeding up server response times is an important part of on page optimization.

B) Source code:

An efficient source code can contribute to improved website performance. Superfluous functions or code sections can often be removed or other elements can be consolidated to make it easier for the Googlebot to index the site. What Is Search Engine Optimization And How It Works .

C) IP addresses:

These can be use to find out if, for example, you have a Bad Neighborhood issue. Ideally, you should always have a unique IP address for each web project. This signals to Google and other search engines that the website is unique. It the one best SEO-Tips & Tricks 2021.


Content, in this context, doesn’t only refer to visible on-screen elements like texts and images. It also includes elements that are initially invisible, such as alt-tags or meta information.

A) Text:

For a long time, text optimization was conduct on the basis of keyword density. This approach has now been superseded, firstly by weighting terms using WDF*IDF tools and – at the next level – by applying topic cluster analyses to proof terms and relevant terms. The aim of text optimization should always be to create a text that is not only built around one keyword, but that covers term combinations and entire keyword clouds in the best way possible.

B) Structural text elements:

This covers the use of paragraphs or bullet-point lists, h- heading tags and bolding or italicizing individual text elements or words.

C) Graphics:

All images are important content elements that can be optimize. They can help to increase the relevance of the content and well-optimized images can rank on their own in Google’s image search. At the same time, they can increase how attractive a website appears to users. Appealing image galleries can also increase the time users spend on the site. File names of graphics are one part of image optimization.

SEO-Tips & Tricks 2021
You can visit this
D) Videos:

Much of what applies to images also applies to videos. SEOs and webmasters should pay particular attention to ensuring that audiovisual content offered on their pages can actually be view by users.

E) Meta-tags:

Meta titles, as a page element relevant for rankings, and meta descriptions, as an indirect factor that impacts the CTR (Click-Through Rate) in the search engine results pages, are two important components of on page optimization. Even if they are not immediately visible to users.

They are still considered part of the content because they should be optimized closely alongside the texts and images. This helps to ensure that there is close correspondence between the keywords and topics covered in the content and those used in the meta tags.

3. Internal links and structure

Internal linking can be used to guide a bot’s visit to your domain and also to optimize navigation for real users. What Is SEO-Tips & Tricks 2021 And How It Works .

A) Logical structure and crawl depth:

The aim here is to carefully structure menus and to ensure that a website hierarchy contains no more than four levels. The fewer levels there are, the more quickly a bot is able to reach and crawl all sub-pages.

B) Internal linking:

This determines how link juice is managed and distributed around a domain and can help increase the relevance of a sub-page regarding a particular keyword. A good sitemap is one of the most important onpage SEO basics there is, and highly relevant, both for users trying to navigate around the domain and for search engine crawlers.

C) Canonization:

Ways of avoiding duplicate content include the appropriate use of existing canonical tags and/or assigning pages with a no index attribute.

D) URL structure:

This aspect involves checking whether search-engine-friendly URLs are being used and whether the existing URLs are logically related to one another. URL length can also be looked at as part of on page optimization. What Is SEO And How It Works .

E) Focus:

Pages that don’t contain any particularly useful content and can be considered meaningless for the Google index, should be tagged with the robots metatag “no index”, which will prevent them being included in the search results.

4. Design

A major factor in web design today is usability. Complex graphics (e.g. using Flash) are often replaced with more simple alternatives in order to increase the functionality of the page. The same can apply to other elements like JavaScript applications. SEO-Tips & Tricks 2021 is most important for SEO.

A) Mobile optimization:

This means adapting a website’s desktop content so that it can be easily accessed and viewed on mobile devices like smartphones or tablet computers.

B) File sizes:

Images or graphics that are too large can drastically increase the load time of a page. As part of their on page optimization, Search Engine Optimization s and graphic designers should keep file sizes as small as possible.

C) Call-to-Action:

Specific page elements should be used to stimulate a user action by encouraging interaction with the website. More information on on page (and off page) optimization can be found in our Search metrics Ranking Factors studies.

Step -06 : Make Your Content Look Awesome :

Here are six easy ways to make your content look great so web readers stick around and read it.

  1. Keep paragraphs short.
  2. Be consistent in choosing font styles and sizes.
  3. Use headings.
  4. Use visuals.
  5. Quality links are key.
  6. Avoid enhancing text with underlines and italics.

Step -07 : Build Links to Your Page :

SEO-Tips & Tricks 2021

Simple link building tips

  1. Ask for backlinks. This is a good way to start, especially if you are a beginner in this job.
  2. Build relationships. For good link building, you need to build good relationships.
  3. Give a testimonial.
  4. Start a blog.
  5. List your site in trustworthy directories.
  6. Write a good guest post.
  7. What Is SEO And How It Works
SEO-Tips & Tricks 2021

Step -08 : Improve and Update Your Content :

Now comes the fun part — updating the actual content . Whether you decide to make a few or a lot of changes, here’s what to check for:

  • Accurate data — Pay close attention to any research or stats you have included. Check if it has been updated since you last posted it and whether new research or information has come out. This also allows you to make your content more comprehensive.
  • Broken links — While you are at it, ensure that your outbound links are to recent and existing pages. This eliminates broken links, which are a bad sign for SEO.
  • Fresh visuals — Make sure that you put your content ahead of your competitors by taking the time to include exciting images. In addition, if you included any graphs or similar visual information, update it to the latest version. Also, consider replacing some images with gifs or videos.
  • Grammar, spelling, writing — Ideally, when you read your content from a few years ago, you should feel slightly embarrassed. That means you are now better at your craft than before. Updating your content is a perfect opportunity to put your improved skills to work and check for grammar, spelling, formatting, and other stuff that makes content easier to consume.
  • Internal links – Since you posted the original article, you probably published a number of new posts. Now is the time to link to them from your old content where appropriate. This will improve your site structure and is good for dwell time.

By the way, if you are not sure what to improve, look at your competition in the SERPs and see what they are doing better. Then find a way to one-up them.

Final Opinion

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