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SEO Friendly Website Home Page | Unique Design | 100% Free

SEO Friendly Website Home Page | Unique Design | 100% Free

SEO Friendly Website

Hi I am Shovon . Today I am going to tell you about a very important matter in SEO section . It is more valuable and a touchable point for all of you who already a website & wanna ranking that . And for that people who are passively join for SEO income . So read it all And make your strategy . Because after read the content you can make a great design of SEO Friendly Website . So let’s start Today part.

About Content Description

This content is about SEO Friendly Website homepage design . A design of a website home page is more important for ranking and gain popularity . For doing SEO we have to focus over many parts . If you want to know more about SEO then simply visit my another content by Click Here .

List Of Design Elements

To make our knowledge easy & If we want to gain more over something then you must have to make a short list of your task . It is called navigation system . By make a navigation you can easily find some topic too fast & make a proper use of that . So now we make a list :

  • Header
    • Navigation
  • Columns
  • Right side bar
    • Search
    • Categories
    • Newsletter
  • Content
  • Footer
    • Contact us
    • Social connect
    • Recent post
    • About

Now we can make a simple list of a design . We are goin to discuss about the list that why we make a such kind of list for better design . Let’s go.

Discussion Part

We have to make this kind of design for better SEO experience . Why ? Ok let’s get the answer .

In SEO section page speed prefers most . if your page load speed is fast then the search engine gives you a place of it’s search page. But your page speed is not very well then you can’t gain a seat of search pages . So page speed is more important for making a place in search page .

Google & other search engine all-time prefer that website which homepage & load speed is too fast . Slow website can’t gain a place . Page speed is depends on content design & layout of page .

Header :

In header section many kinds of elements should be displayed . Such as you also should displayed your site title & tag line . Or site logo . Because site logo indicates your website name as a Brand .

In header section you should create a main menu . It is called a navigation panel. It makes the readers usability easy and comfortable . Google and other search engine mostly prefer this navigation panel for make a ranking .

Columns :

Your website should have some Columns . It makes easier of its looks . If you can makes at least two Columns . If you can make other Columns then it would be better .

Right side bar :

For makes a perfect website view you should make a right side bar > because right side bar can contains many section at a time . It makes readers readability and navigation more easier . Such as search button ,category ,recent post and newsletter . If readers want to search something then he can use search button .And make a category to make more easy to gain . Newsletter helps you to collect user s mail address so that you can notify them about your new post or update in time .

Content :

You have make a list of content that should be unique . In the home page you should follow some rules that is speed & page size .

SEO Friendly Website

Here indicates Server response mean how many time it take to load from mother server . It shows 0.05 sec mean It is awesome performance . All of your page content is take time 1.2 sec to load . That is also fine to see. And the All script load time is 1.8 sec . The Blue area indicates that it is good – yellow is medium – red is bad .

SEO Friendly Website

It shows the page size & density of per single elements which are belongs to this webpage . so from the picture you can see that you page size should be under 4mb . For this reason you have to make a proper design to keep your webpage light .

Footer :

Inside the footer section you should make at least 4 Columns . In the 1st Column you should put a contact us section . just like this :

SEO Friendly Website

In the 2nd section you

you should make a social connected icon list and 3rd section yo can make a list of recent post . then you can make 4th section view more section that contains about us ,contact form, Guest post , Newsletter , privacy policy.

Final Decision

In the above discussion you can know some important tips of SEO . To know more about SEO then simply Click Here . You can make a fresh start of your online earning Just Click Here.

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